Photo by stuartbur/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by stuartbur/iStock / Getty Images

Saturday - At Event Location - Crowd control, dressing room monitoring, running clothing back to racks, checking in donations, check out, etc.  You'll be assigned where most needed and may be moved based on need.
Seamstresses also needed for minor on-site alterations.

Saturday at the close of the event, we also need help getting everything taken down and cleaned up.

We’re in need of additional drop locations across the front range - North to South and East to West!
- collect dress donations at your home or business and help us to continue supporting our great cause
- complete the form with your information and we’ll contact you for more information
- as needed notify officer of need for pickup - or monthly schedule based on volume of donations

Interested in getting an early look at the donations we get? Come help us…
Help us keep the quality of our inventory high by participating in a once-a-month (not every month) - sort through donations, bag them and tag them.

Become a part of this great team!!